Friday, October 23, 2009

Ahh.... summer days

What fun we had this summer. Camping in Kamas was fun and peaceful. Keven went early on a friday to set up camp for us all, then the rest of us came later. We rented 4 wheelers and as you can see, Kiley loved it and Bruce....well you decide! The 4 wheeling trail was breathe taking and went on for miles and miles.
Yes, yes. You are a witness to this. Keven and Bryan did most of the cooking.
That's were the peaceful part comes in. I got to truly relax.
sisterly love.
Is it possible to go camping and not have foil dinners? They were delicious.
Very sad to think about, but this was Kiley's first time camping. She has been up to the maintains enough but only day trips. I think she could live in the mountains.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McDonald's Treat

President Daniels and his wife took Trevor and others to McDonalds for a Mcflurry on Trev's birthday. They all look happy don't they!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Styling in Japan

Elder Trevor Todd w/ mission companion...I can't remember his name. Interesting collar style. I think I wore collars like that back in the 80's...hmmmm! Trevor says that this guy has amazing missionary skills and has a good way with people.
I have never really understood the G.Q. pose. Anyone want to explain it to me.
This is on the day of Takeda's baptism. Also in the photo is President Daniels and his wife. They are from Park City.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day....

First day of 4th grade. Kiley had all kinds of apprehensions.
When the day was over she was happy and full of stories. Life is good!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jackson Hole

Jackson was a lot of fun this year. Bruce and Kiley enjoyed racing down the Alpine slide a couple of times.
Kiley was a bit uptight about her dad winning the race.
He didn't really win. It looked like a tie to me.
Kiley couldn't wait until she got to bungee jump. I kept holding her off until Bruce could be there to watch. All she talked about for 2 days was bungee jumping. No fear right????
I'm ready and waiting...these people are so slow, come on already.
...never mind. I hate this. Mom, get me down....MOM!!!!! We thought she was going to throw up on us below.
ok, so maybe it wasn't as fun as it looked....ya think!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Triathlon update

Kiley's time was 16.2 minutes. Two laps in the city pool, 1 mile bike ride, 1/2 mile run. Kiley placed 11th out of 41 in her age division. Total kids participating were 76.


Kiley received a phone call Sunday from a friend asking if she wanted to do the kid triathlon with her this week. The friend would swim, another friend would bike and Kiley was going to run. She was very excited about the whole thing. Then two days ago she found out that there were no teams. Each kid needed to swim, bike and run. Now she wasn't so sure. Bruce and I encouraged her and here are the results of this mornings triathlon. We don't have her time yet. That will be posted later in the day. It was very exciting to watch from the sidelines.
Kiley wore a jacket at first. She was cold and very concerned about getting in the pool
It took a chunk of time to get dressed after the swim
I can't get this helmet on fast enough
I'm really getting tired.
I see the finish line.....yippie!!!
She really kicked it in at the end of the run.
It was so fun for Bruce and I to watch her do this.
.....and a winning smile besides.
A nice group shot of all the participants.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recovering From Knee Surgery

As most of you know I had Knee Surgery on the 23rd. The Dr. cut out two sections of the meniscus, repaired a ligament and cut a muscle to re-align my kneecap. We will know the finally outcome in 6-8 weeks. I seem to be able to do a little bit more each day. However, I usually pay for it late at night. I will be anxious to see the Dr. again on August 5th. Bruce, Kiley and many friends have been life savors for me during this time. Today Kiley and I went out and weeded one of the flower beds. I just had to get outside. It felt great. Hope none of our neighbors watched because I was quite the sight. I just sat down on the grass with my left leg straight, then scooted around on my bottom. It worked quite well AND my arms got a workout. When I stood up with the crutches, I noticed I had sat on a couple of warm, soggy plums that had fallen off the tree onto the lawn. What a bonus that was, lunch too! What would normally take me 10 minutes to do took an hour. Who's all good!!! Life is good. I feel very blessed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Grand Canyon was so cool

The fogginess is due to pollution drifting in from California...amazing!!!
Kiley had to have Ricki the stuffed racoon in the photo with us...
you know...part of the family!

Summer fun at Gateway

Bruce had a quick trip to Salt Lake and wanted Kiley and I to go with him.
Kiley was sick and tired of traveling so we let her invite her friend Kennedy.
We stopped at the gateway and the girls had a blast as you can see. I enjoyed just watching the girls and listening to a band play in the background.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Elder Trevor Todd is the macho one on the right...too funny

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday on our way back from seeing Kev and Jess in Logan we stopped at the "Devil's Slide". Kiley said she never remembered seeing it. We drove home through wanship, Kamas, Oakley and wolf creek pass. Wolf creek was beautiful this time of year
Bruce had his 35th class reunion from Altamont high on July 3rd. I think there were 29 classmates. Three had passed away in car accidents. They seemed to all have fun and enjoy each other. Some came from Texas and 1 from Russia to be there.
Kiley had a week long soccer day camp in June.
They worked her hard, but she had tons of fun!!!
These are her coaches from Brazil.
Kiley's friends Abbie and Grace.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Little miss Kiley being her cute talented self at her singing and piano recital.  There were about 50 people there.  Kiley opened the evening singing "the greatest love of all".  She sang 3 songs and played 4.  It seemed to be a good experience.  Good job Kiley