Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day....

First day of 4th grade. Kiley had all kinds of apprehensions.
When the day was over she was happy and full of stories. Life is good!


  1. Well doesn't she look cute as a button! :) And it looks like that gerber daisy is still alive and chuggin along!! :) So did you take pictures of Keven? I was his first day of school and all too!! :)

  2. 4th grade!! Middle school??? Kiley, you are growing up way too fast!! You look happy, healthy and beautiful Miss Kiley...we love and miss you! Have a great school year...and...oh yeah! too Kev!! ;)

  3. I Loved 4th grade. It was one of my favorites!! I cannot believe she is in 4th grade! What a beautiful girl.