Friday, July 31, 2009


Kiley received a phone call Sunday from a friend asking if she wanted to do the kid triathlon with her this week. The friend would swim, another friend would bike and Kiley was going to run. She was very excited about the whole thing. Then two days ago she found out that there were no teams. Each kid needed to swim, bike and run. Now she wasn't so sure. Bruce and I encouraged her and here are the results of this mornings triathlon. We don't have her time yet. That will be posted later in the day. It was very exciting to watch from the sidelines.
Kiley wore a jacket at first. She was cold and very concerned about getting in the pool

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  1. Wow! Kiley, we are so proud of you!! Becoming "your own team" (so to speak) had to be pretty scary...a triathlon is tough!! Your cousin Heather is competing in her first duathlon this coming Sunday! We have quite the athletes in our family, yes?
    We love and miss you Kiley!! Congratulations!! Auntie Pamy, Uncle Todd and Charley