Monday, March 23, 2009

Elder Todd or Elder Obama???  The lady behind Trevor is a friend from his ward there in Japan.  She thinks that he looks like President Obama.  I don't see it.  Besides, Aunt Pamy says that Trevor is a Tiger Woods look alike.  Then there's uncle Bill who thinks he looks like Kramer from Steinfield.
Bowling with Yoski (the guy in the black shirt) who is investigating the church.
This is a New Year's activity where they pound the rice with mallets to make it like a paste or mochi.  The man is either stupid or very brave.  


  1. I am so excited you have a blog now!! I love being able to see these pictures. I wonder if this is something Trev can look at? This is good also because you can turn this blog into a scrapbook if you wanted to!

  2. Fun pictures - aren't missions great! I've heard there's some way to print off blogs into books (or something like that), I'd be interested in learning about that sometime.

  3. Trevor sure has the Todd eyebrows going on there. How long has he been out?